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Matthew Xavier Orlando Wong Ken, 22


The story or a stuttering boy born in the suburban grids of Mississauga, Canada. Who overcame their stutter by finding a passion for the arts. Matthew Wong Ken is an and Actor, Dancer, Model and a Writer now bases out of nyc. MWK is finishing year at Atlantic acting school in Manhattan but still finds time to Dance, rock climb and play my favorite game of all time. Dungeons and dragons! MWK  goals as an artist is to create meaningful positive art in whatever medium it takes. Be it film, a play or even on the runway. “Arts has I’m a lot of ways gave me a new brighter life when I needed it. I wish to inspire other to find that same love as I do.



Atlantic Acting School

After graduation in honors I worked as an actor and model for 2 year before auditioning for Atlantic Acting School. I received a full scholarship and was invited to New York to study in there full time practical aesthetic program. I am finishing my finally year now.


Cawthra Park High School of Arts 

I attended Cawthra Park Secondary school. Majoring in dance in their Regional Arts Program (RAP). There I was able to train intensely in modern dance, music and acting. Along with perform in numerous shows over my 4 years.


Living Arts Centre 

I started my journey in the arts at the age of 12, taking acting and singing lessons at the Mississauga Living arts center. Initially I only took these classes to help overcome my stuttering condition as a youth. I had no idea the  I would fall in love with it like I did. I continued taking classes, picking up musical theater and dance.

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